Friday, March 02, 2007

Rumour Alert:: Iain Dale's Diary: EXCLUSIVE: Has the Government Gagged the Beeb?

Iain Dale's Diary: EXCLUSIVE: Has the Government Gagged the Beeb?
and you get 3 guesses to what it might be about ( but you'll need only one. )

This is either just a rumour - or its going to leak on the net soon. I'm off to search for it ... (adding updates to this blog as I go ..)

Update: John Hurst has some ideas here....
and Luke Akehurst's blog here - he doesn't know any more - but plays it well in an eye catching blog, for a Leftie.

Further comment:

If Lord Goldsmith is protecting the 'rights' of a member of Tony Blair's staff then they get better treatment than the general public do. Who can forget the man alledged to have sent the parcel bombs to various offices lately. The cameras were outside his home within hours telling us he 'live with his mother' ( as all TV psycho's do ) - doesn't that impact the chance of a fair trial ?

Its one rule for the socialist rulers and another for their victims. Strangely my son is on the Socialist Broadcasting Corporation's (BBC) for indoctrinating children (BBC Schools). He's been looking at Elizabeth Fry and how people without connections get sent to prison but not the well connected "Toffs". Go play yourself if you don't believe me ... go here - choose Elizabeth Fry then click on the Prison Game.. ( Afterwards tell me what has changed .. since ). Maybe I should use Net Nanny to block the BBC site from my children.

Maybe Leo could show Tony this site also ?

Update: The BBC just reported on the radio that no one had yet been charged ... so that's the end of that rumour.

Update: Iain Dale now thinks its to do with an email incriminating someone, and has a name in mind - but for reasons of justifiable caution isn't saying yet. The blog feeding frenzy will continue until we find out ....

Update:Update:The verb from injunction is not 'injunct'; it is 'enjoin'. So the BBC has not been injuncted, it has been enjoined." So he is at least spreading some light on the debate !



Mr Eugenides said...

Well, the BBC have it now. We'll see if the injunction lasts 24 hours.

Given the power of the blog, I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Downing Street aide Ruth Turner has been charged.

Man in a shed said...

Just heard that the BBC is saying no one has yet been charged ( as opposed to cautioned ).

jailhouselawyer said...

You know more in your shed than Tony Blair claims to know in Number Ten. Spooky or what?