Thursday, March 01, 2007

Des Browne countering CND on More 4

Just watched some of the Trident debate on More 4#s new program and I have to admit I'm very impressed by Des Browne's ( UK Minister of defence ) performance.

He was clear, logical, and persuasive on the case for renewing Trident.

I wasn't impressed by him when he took over his post- and said so in this blog - but tonight his performance was very impressive, and perhaps I have misjudged him. He dispatched his opponents and, most importantly, communicated and explained his case in terms that people can understand.

I've hinted before that we have a whole younger generation that has grown up relatively carefree - with out the dread of the 3 minute warning. Now that threat may be coming back we may find our younger citizens are a bit shell shocked.

What about global poverty and global warming is their near brain washed response ... .. I'm sorry we kept the real nature of the world away from you for 10-15 years, but there really are terrible things to be faced up to (not just concerts in the park and Al Gore films).

Personally every so often I still have nightmares about nuclear war. I'm not convinced that Trident is the best system, but I am convinced that we need to maintain a credible strategic nuclear deterrent.

PS The Conservative junior shadow minister had far greater trouble making his case - in a way that communicates to the audience. Dr Fox should have been there.


billy said...

Wasn't it a four minute warning?
I sat in many guardrooms in the '60's with the bleeper going bleep, bleep, bleep, ad infintum. You only had to worry if it stopped. Made it hard to fall asleep on guard. Could be why I have learnt to cat nap anywhere :0)
I worry more about 'The Bomb" today with Pakistan having it and Iran and N Korea aiming to get it. I'm not convincd that Mutually Assured Destruction would mean anything to them at all.

Man in a shed said...

Your could be right - though I also remember it being said that getting a warning through to street level was very unlikely anyway.

You right its those who are already mad that MAD doesn't work on. Weirdly it relied on the sanity of both sides.

This is why Iran - lead by their rather unhinged President - are likely to be a victim of pre-emptive action.