Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Brown to bring back slavery !

Yes he just announced it ... yes really .. follow me on this one ...

Brown's latest idea in his attempt to ditch his reputation connect with the public is that new citizens should be forced to voluntary work to get their citizenship.

What this amounts to is not voluntary work, but forced unpaid work aka slavery. ( Now I know Labour think the minimum wage is only for other people but..)

So as we come close to the 200th anniversary of the Conservative William Wilberforce helping to abolish slavery in the British Empire - we have Gordon Brown bringing it back as a requirement for citizenship !

Update: See Simon Heffer in Weds Daily Telegraph: extract below which touches on all this... I also whole heartedly agree with his analysis of the weird Labour deputy leadership thing.

I wonder whether an event yesterday has helped the more rational Labour MPs towards an understanding of just how much Mr Brown is surrendering his grip on reality. The future prime minister (let us stick with that appellation for the moment) told a meeting in London yesterday that immigrants to this country should be forced to do community service before being granted citizenship.

This is just the sort of idea that, had the Tory party come up with it, would have led to denunciations from Labour politicians and "community" leaders, accusations of racism, and calls for the person who said such a thing to be made to resign from whatever post he or she held, even if it was only on the committee of the local golf club. But Mr Brown said it as part of a discussion his new favourite subject, "Britishness", which somehow makes it all right.

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