Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blair the barrister - making the case for supporting failure

I started this morning with the pre announced news that Postman Pat was going to lay into support for marriage (ie promote his deputy leadership campaign for Labour party - maybe not just deputy).

Now Blair is on using his preferred trick for calling black white - that of redefining the question. He must have learnt this as a barrister - just make the best case for something, regardless of the logic of the situation. ( I'll go onto why this is the case in a minute).

It occurs to me that we should never have another barrister as prime minster again. Blair really thinks the spin and putting the best case for something makes it right - or else he is even more of an amoral monster that I am making him out to be.

Anyway Blair's spin was to say the supporting marriage wouldn't help young people who have gone of the rails. What he deliberately left out was that marriage creates better outcomes for bringing up children and that more marriage means less delinquency in the long run. So his line was to fix the symptoms - after all the suffering has happened - not the problem. Needless to say there none of this analysis over at the left wing BBC.

I sometimes wonder if NuLabour don't require a large amount of our society to be failing to give them a purpose and keep them all in the highly paid, guaranteed pension, jobs they have created for themselves.

But like many other NuLabour types Blair has put his own career in front of helping the disadvantaged and out country. I can't see how any moral or Christian person can support these self interested hypocrites.

Update: Northwing has a reasoned and more complete post on the subject in hand here..

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