Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Homework Myth - thankyou Alfie Kohn

If you don't have young children you won't know that primary schools dish out homework these days. This causes no end of trouble at home - arguments between child and parent - between parents - between parents and teachers ( they've change maths you know - I'm going to be lectured on it at 6:30pm tomorrow evening by my son & daughter's school ) .

My kids are tired when they get home from school and not always in the best of temper.

I can remember hating doing any form of home work etc with my parents - and as I get older the more like my Father I become so I don't expect my kids to enjoy it either.

Mr Kohn offers a way out of this misery by arguing that homework doesn't help kids education and makes everyone's life a misery. Man in a Shed says "Well done sir !" A++

Homework should only be doled out once kids are capable of doing themselves - without their parents ! If they don't know how to do it when they leave the school gate then the teacher should, on balance, never have set it.

I do hope someone is listening...

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primary teacher said...

They don't have to do it you know. If the school insist then tell them that your children will not be complying.
Most of it is not planned or integrated with the lessons anyway.