Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Goodbye my LAX

Just spend a number of unedifying hours in the queue at LAX (Los Angeles Airport) for US Customs and Immigration ( is it a queue still when it doesn't move ? ). What a terrible way to advertise your country to incoming business people etc !

However, there were people able to make amends for America on the other side of the controls with a whole bunch of helpful, calm information desk workers and even volunteers helping people with information. Which was just as well as I'd managed to lose my American contact who was driving to the hotel.

So it was the US Taxi experience. Mine manned by a happy fellow just in from Ethiopia - who was glad of my internet directions to the hotel. What did we talk about - David Beckham of course !

Just as with Steve Martin's film LA story the road side lighted display signs are announcing to the World that David Beckham is coming to LA ! I wonder if he'll have to wait 2 hrs for Immigration also ?

( In fairness my American friend tells me Heathrow can be just as bad if your a non-EU citizen. If so then that's a disgrace and brings shame on our country.


IanP said...

Used to get the same when travelling regularly to Moscow, we called it 'The Moscow Shuffle'.
but at least there we expected it.

The Shaved Ape said...

Take it from an American, LAX is an abomination. We all understand that fact. It represents everything that's wrong with the U.S. In fact, LA does, too. Did you get to experience freeways that are 12 lanes wide in each direction, with thousands of cars sitting still?

I take motorcycle trips up the coast of California a couple of times a year, and the last time I went through LA I clocked the miles Interstate 5 was five lanes wide or more in each direction (10 or more total). EIGHTY MILES!

It's absurd.

I'm in Laguna Beach, and for recreation I choose San Diego and Vegas over the mess that is LA.