Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another Scottish Labour Minister on why the English don't need a Parliament

Just watching Newsnight over the Internet here. Douglas Alexander (Scottish Labour MP and Scottish Sec.) is saying there is a fundamental difference between the English and Scottish due to population size inside the partnership. According to Douglas Alexander the English make up 80% of the population and as a consequence of that have more than 80% of the representatives in the house of commons.

Now that can't be right. I thought Scottish Westminster constituencies were smaller than English ?

He then goes on about some strange argument about Scots try to oppress the English, but not having the voting power to do so, but because the English can do the reverse there must be only a Scottish ( Welsh and NI) parliament. If either side were oppressing the other then surely its time for a break up anyway ? If this is the standard of thinking in Gordon Brown's recently re badged Unionist Labour party then English Independence can't be far off.

He's trying the different class of MP gambit right now .. What a shower. The token Lib Dem student MP is as deeply confused. ( Have you noticed that when Scots pro-Union-this-week politicians are asked about English representation and symmetry and justice in the devolution botch job they always switch to defending Scottish devolution and the benefits its brought Scotland. )

Dear Scottish-but-Unionist-this-week-MPs,

If you won't support an English Parliament, and you want to save the Union you'll need to dismantle devolution to create balance and natural justice. Its the very fact that you maneuvered yourselves into a position where the only thing in question is the Union - not devolution - which gives you no way of relieving the pressure in England from the insult to natural justice and fairness that you have created.

Only the Conservative party can save the Union - the question is do we really want to ?

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