Monday, December 18, 2006

When spin becomes a criminal offence !

Man in a Shed has for a long time thought that Blair is holding on to office for fear of something worse.

Spin and control of information can become criminal offences - as the Times is reporting today (link via Conservative Home - also see my earlier reading of a First Post article suggesting data capture and deletion may be NuLabour's undoing).

I still would like to see Blair prosecuted for misleading the country over Iraq - but if he gets done for something else first then I won't be disappointed.


Bag said...

Let's just do a Saddam. One trial followed by another and as the information flows there may be more.

Man in a shed said...

However even I don't think Balir will eventually hang. ( Though its worth noting some medical observers think he's not that well.)

billy said...

There is no need to hang Blair. The disgrace and the collapse of his 'legacy' (I cannot imagine what he thinks that is? A decade of power and what to show for it?) will be sufficient.