Thursday, December 14, 2006

Watergate at No 10 ?

Number 10 has done its best to minimise the impact of Antony Blair being interviewed by the police ( surely they realise he's a pretty straight sort of guy who's whiter than white ?).

They are trumpeting the key spin points - that the BBC is happily repeating. However, others are onto the sent of something else. See the attached from 'the mole' at the First Post.

Could data capture turn out to be the undoing of No 10 - with hard drives playing the part of audio tape from the Nixon disaster ?

One thing is certain - No 10 has played the hand it has to best effect today. Chosing a time to minimise the length of headline newtype tomorrow and with the BBC immediately buying their line ( hello Nick Robinson ). The truth will therefore be somewhat darker. Blair continues to cling to power in circumstances where its hard to understand why - without some further information ....

How many conspiracies where they expecting the Stevens report to squash ?

From the First Post email update:

From our Mole

“Because he was questioned neither under caution, nor accompanied by a lawyer, there is an assumption that this might be the end of the police interest in goings-on at No 10.

But I can reveal that for Downing Street staffers, at least, it's just the beginning. What the police now know, after examining the servers which run the Downing Street computers, and from examining evidence given by those who received Downing Street emails, is that several sent emails, relevant to the cash-for-honours affair, were deleted by staff after the police began their inquiry. “

Full story

Update: The Times is now starting to work on the Watergate angle here - and this approach is reported on Conservative Home today ! Good to be ahead of the curve ....

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wrinkled weasel said...

What this "Watergate" is missing, is its own "deep throat" - someone right at the heart of the establishment who not only knows what's really going on , but who is also prepared to talk.

The Watergate "Deep Throat" turned out to be the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. (Difficult then, to dismiss what he had to say)

And of course, if Nick Robinson wasn't so in awe of the Prime Minister, or at least a journalist of rank, we might get to the truth.

As it is there is neither a Deep Throat or a Woodstein in the frame right now.