Sunday, October 01, 2006

What is going on in Afghanistan ?

There has been a media war going on. Some reports from the front have come in and they are shocking - today's Mail on Sunday has the most shocking (warning: some of the description there is graphic and unforgettable - if your of a nervous disposition you won't want to follow that link - just take my word for it that its bad) , especially the description of how French Special Forces were treated by the Taliban on capture ( why hasn't that been a greater issue - don't the French care ? Has it been reported in France ?)

I wonder if Des Browne knows what is really going on ? Or does he just refuse to learn.

The risks our men in Afghanistan are taking are massive. We owe them the correct support - or to get them out. I fear neither will happen due to NuLabour being involved in the grab for the leadership of their party.

When I hear people talking about our forces being there for 10-15 years, I think if this is really the assessment then we should leave now.

Update: See also the Independent's account.
See British Army Rumour Service discussion on this.
Also Richard North's post in EUReferendum - he has a point about this issue deserving a higher profile - but I suspect he's not going to be chums with David Cameron even if he does bring it up in his leaders speech.
Robert Fox in the First Post asks Where are all the dead Taliban? - no stranger to war reporting he - which is why his question has to be taken seriously.
Mondays Telegraph opinion here and article " Paras almost retreated under Taliban assault" here

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