Monday, October 02, 2006

The BBC's support for Labour today

If you doubt this then take a look at their web site (11:30am Mon 2Oct06). Look at the headlines... I had a similar experience listening to R4's today program this morning. On Today the headline was repeated a number of times before anyone mentioned that:
1) This all happened a number of months ago and no one was charged.
2) It was nothing compared to Labour's people who have been arrested.

This happens on the first day of the Conservative party conference, even though the events have been known about for months and do not in themselves signify any wrong doing. It looks and smells like the usual dirty ticks campaign we have come to expect from a morally bankrupt NuLabour.

If you work your way through the web site - you'll find George Obsourne pointing out the obvious part that any Journalist who was doing his/her job should have know from the start.

This is a clear example of how the BBC does not follow editorial impartiality and provides support to the left in British politics. Even the article itslef hides the truth near the bottom. They are clearly hoping no one reads that far.
(Sorry about the small fonts - but I had to reduce the font size to get to the point where the timing of these incidents is mentioned. This can't just be coincidence - its spin from the state funded broadcaster - `aka government propaganda .)

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