Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tories will stay loyal to the Union - really ?

Richard Ehrman in The First Post says "They (the Conservatives) won'’t support a break-up even though it would be to their advantage".

Also he says "Independence for Scotland might well deny Labour the chance to rule in England - maybe for ever".

All I can say to Richard is don't count on it. The Conservative party is often slow moving and - eh conservative. Yes we're attached to the Union. But there are a lot of English people getting increasingly angry with how the Union is run for Celtic benefit - rather than for all the people. England is not represented ( shut up Lord Falconer - you know what I mean - no more lawyers quibbling from you thanks ).

The natural progression of the debate - fuelled by the Barnett formula and anti-English finacial and democratic settlements is, as I see it the following.

1) English votes on English matters
2) This will lead to an effective English Executive in all but name ( there is just no other logical route - its just the Conservative Party doesn't want to say it just yet ).
3) Labour win power in the UK with Scots and Welsh votes - the Labour 'English Executive' is unable to function.
4) On a return to power of the Conservatives, England secedes from the Union due to the bad fealing from 3.

You don't have to want the end of the Union to get this result - you just have to light the blue touch paper and retire (forgive the pun) , and fail to give England a proper devolved settlement at the start of the process ( much as Labour have done ).

If you want to save the UK - then you must give England a parliament with equivalent powers to the Scottish Parliament. Nothing else will do.


Anonymous said...

I agree. This whole thing will just snowball and the Conservatives will set it rolling when, I hope, they win the next election.
I have also revelled in the way [the conference]did not cave in to the media dogs demands for intricate policy details when we are at least 3 years away from said election and arent they miffed !

Anonymous said...


But there is one question you haven't answered, are you in favour of "The Union"?

If you are, then you have to tip toe round a lot of issues that should be dealt with openly.

I on the other hand would like to see England pull out of both Unions (the UK and the EU), problem solved as far as I can see.

Man in a Shed said...


I okay with the Union, as long as it is fair and equal. It very clearly isn't and I'd perhaps prefer to live in an independant England, rather than an exploited England.

I think England would be a lot more succesful on its own - but still have a romantic attachment to Britain.