Thursday, October 05, 2006

Group B streptococcal infections

The DT reports today on the survey by Pregnancy & Birth magazine that says only two per cent of the 1,000 pregnant women and new mothers surveyed had been informed about GBS (Group B streptococcal ) at an antenatal class, and only three per cent had been informed by their GP. Two-thirds of those women said they still had no idea how dangerous GBS could be.

This problem kills about 70-100 babies a year in the UK. ( The child seat fiasco by contrast is estimated to save only 4 - think of the money the government is making all us parents spend on that !)

This is done as standard in some European countries - why not here ? We know a family who have suffered a loss this way, and it can be not comfort to know many of the cases are easily preventable.

The DT report goes on to say:

"Ministers have asked the UK National Screening Committee to work with Group B Strep Support, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and other experts to consider doing more research, provide more information about GBS, and support doctors and nurses."

That response - if its a fair report of what is going on - is just crap. Their departments should already have assesed this issue and they either need to say why they are doing nothing, or announce a change in policy. Yet another Blairite/NuLabour review, initiative fob of is just not acceptable - but it is an all too familiar cowardly and morally corrupt reaction from them.

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