Saturday, September 30, 2006

Who's side is Pakistan's ISI on ?

Recent friction between Afghanistan, Pakistan and members of the MOD all point towards Pakistan's intelligence service ISI as having its own agenda.

Clearly they have been of great help and support in the fight against terrorism. And they deserve our thanks for that ( especially those unknowing people who are alive today thanks to their work.)

But equally they do appear to support the Taliban style groups that are causing so much trouble. They have taken pressure of these groups, just as British forces are under most pressure in Southern Afganistan. You might think they didn't want NATO to succeed ?

Is the support ISI gives the free world a case of kissing the hand you dare not bite ?

Does ISI have to cooperate sometimes, sacrificing some of its allies - to protect what it regards as its longer term objectives ? This is certainly the message that is being communicated.

I hope its not true - because if it is further war is inevitable.

( Note India has just linked Pakistani Intelligence to the Mumbai train bombs - see here ).

Update: They promise to ptovide Pakistan with the evidence - according to this BBC report.

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J P Wilton said...

The ISI is not on our side. It was used as a proxy by the CIA to 'control' the taliban when it was expedient to attack the Russians and it has maintained its links with the taliban ever since.