Saturday, September 30, 2006

David Cameron, getting the basics right

The opponents of the Conservative party (Bing Campbell of the Fib Dems and whoever is running the Labour party right now ) have locked onto policy as David Cameron's vulnerable point. ( Do you notice that the Lib Dems are only really happy when they are attacking the Conservative party ?)

Perhaps this is getting through to the public a little - hence polls blip.

But I hope David Cameron keeps the ship steady. He has correctly identified what is needed for policies to be even listened to. As is often pointed out we had popular enough policies at the last general election - its just the party wasn't popular.

Labour will copy and ape anything the Conservative party announces - hence their wish to drive Cameron onto revealing policies. Remember Gordon Brown's promise to reduce the Socialist Payroll vote (aka civil service), to copy a popular Conservative policy. Of course he hasn't really done it - so no benefit of that policy has been achieved.

David Cameron should give more of a flavour of what the party stands for - and challenge Labour that he'll issue a manifesto when they call a general election. ( I think reminding the public that Labour have been useless at implementing policies they have copied of the Conservative party would go down well here. Trust schools, internal market for the NHS, reducing the civil service etc )

The polls will be all over the place for at least a year. We need to be liked, trusted, and understood as a movement first. Policies can come latter, in answer to Labour's failures.

For David Cameron to have room for maneuver he needs support from his party - and that's what we need to give him. Even if he doesn't do quiet what we want on Europe.

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