Friday, September 22, 2006

Don't fall ill in Surrey under a Labour government.

My wife (she who must be obeyed) is just back from an evening continuing education in her health profession. The stories are of redundancies in the NHS and no money in Surrey. (She's in the private sector so doesn't get to hear this often - the change NHS employee mood is striking.) Everything is cut to the bone ( no pun intended). Also children are not now to be checked for growth in early stages of life - hence any corrective action will be too late. NHS Blog doctor reported a few months ago as to how GP's in Surrey were having their referrals countermanded to save money unless they used a magic form of words.

Add to that the local paper talking about either the Royal Surrey (who ex chief exec, Nick Moberley, advises the Blessed Patricia Hewitt) or St Peters A&E and much else closing soon. This will mean that if you live on the wrong side of Woking at certain times of day you can expect a very long ambulance drive - lets hope you live that long.

None of these areas votes Labour - and I hope those misguided citizens who support the local chapter of the Lib Dems realise that only the Conservative party can stand up to the asset stripping of Surrey by this spiteful Labour government.

And just remember people in Surrey contribute very large amounts of money to the tax system - they deserve at least a basic service from the NHS. If they don't get it then you can expect no support for the continuation of the NHS in the future from here. That will one day translate into the end of the NHS.

What have they (Gordon Brown esp) done with all the money they have lifted quietly from our pension funds ?
I guess we may all have a retirement of poverty and fear of falling ill to muse on that point.

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