Friday, September 22, 2006

The battle of Garmser - why isn't this headline news on the BBC ?

Just found this article on the Daily Telegraph on the battle for Garmser. It tells of a long battle waged by British and Estonian, and Afghan forces.

Two things amaze me.

1) The bravery of the soldiers whom our politicians have sent to fight and die in Afghanistan.
2) That this isn't head line news - those soldiers deserve nothing less ! ( Instead we have war crimes from years ago in Iraq).

I was especially structures by the following quote:
On the first day however, they captured a Taliban fighter with a life-threatening stomach wound whose life was saved by the prompt attention of a British Army medic.

"The medic kept him alive all night, even though this Taliban tried to grab a gun and kill him while they were caring for him," said Mr Langan.

During the night, the Taliban fighter's heart stopped twice but the medic managed to revive him. In the morning, before he was airlifted out, the injured Taliban touched the forehead of the men who had saved him in respect. With intelligence reports indicating the Taliban force had been heavily reinforced by fighters coming in from across the Pakistan border, the Nato and Afghan force believed they might be overrun during the third night of fighting.

At the same time we have Ambulance chasing human rights lawyers running round trying to get themselves an officer to balance up the state funded attack on our army in Iraq.

Also in The Telegraph today are reports that casualties are being under reported and wounded soldiers sent back into the fight without having time to recover. This is desperate stuff. There is no significant reserve - a mistake I heard being described as a basic error by a military staff lecturer a few weeks ago.

Our government does not deserve to give orders to our armed forces. They have sent them on a ill defined political mission, without the required equipment or force levels. Our media - the BBC especially - does not give them enough support or encouragement. Its shocking.

The British people need to hold them to account.

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