Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Support for the Army

Its sad to see the recent video of British soldiers taking rough custody of Iraqi youths and then beating them. I haven't seen all the video, but I have seen some long stretches of it. If the same video was of say American soldiers dragging British teenagers into their base and beating them then I would no doubt feel very angry.

But wait - there appears to be another side. This military unit had been under seige for a number of days by rifle fire at night and stone and grenade throwing during the day. These are young men who are trained to fight - not to be human rights lawyers. The fact that their betters and superiors caste judgment on them just doesn't seem right. The Blair Govt is quick to hang soldiers out to dry - who the next day it says it wants to honour with a veterans day.

What are the Govt's motives here ? Condemning the actions before a full investigation is to curry favour with the Arab world and the other laughable measure is to get Gordon Brown in as prime minister. Which senior Labour ministers have ever served under fire in the military - or at all ? ( For that matter how many of the self appointed Human Rights Lawyers have ? )

If the soldiers are brought to trial - lets hope it is a military trial of their peers rather than a show trial in civil court. At least there they will be judged by those who understand the situation and if found guilty punished accordingly.

The Labour Govt asks a lot of our servicemen and women - and gives little back in return - not even loyalty.

By the way - will the Iraqi youths identified be punished for rioting ? In previous incidents soldiers have nearly been killed by such mobs - who's intention seems murderous.

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Man in a shed said...

Update: To give him credit, rather late in the day Dr John Reid ( minister for Defence ) has suggested the general public judge soldiers less harshly and take into consideration the circumstances of their actions. A bit late - but better than never John.