Thursday, February 23, 2006

Prisoner treatment in Basra

So this looks like a bit of Prisoner abuse in Basra. Of course if the Arab world gets upset about British soldiers beating rioters ( which they are IMHO quite right to do so ). How angry must they be about prisoners being shot after being taken from prison and the Basra Police failing to protect them ? Aljareera seems to mostly be just reporting facts with the usual Anti American poison attached. There is also the sad case of one of their ex-reporters being murdered.

Still no doubt the usual anti war MP's in Britain will be demanding an inquiry. Perhaps London Human rights lawyers will be on the next plane out to Basra to pursue the case of those shot ?

By the way - no sign of the rioters from the earlier British incident being prosecuted - no surprise there then ....even though the military police have managed to talk to them.

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