Monday, August 16, 2021

The US needs to decide on Biden really fast

Well its not going well. Here in the United Kingdom their is despair that a defensable position has been surrendered and friends betrayed in Afghanistan.

The United States needs to decide quite quickly if it wants the 'leadership' of Joe Biden and is willing to be judged for it.

Because the impact of that judgement is going to be profound and long lasting.

Certainly in the UK we need to have a long hard look at wether the US is a reliabale partner, and if we should do thing like risk our own people to support US actions in the future.

There is a sense of deep shock here and the cynacism and duplictous betrayal of a people many have been sacrificing their lives trying to save. After the intial defeat of the Taliban it was never jjust about removing a base of operations for terrorists, it was about saving a people, especially the young girls and women.

This will take years to work through our national consiousness, and the United States should not expect that process to be positive in its outcome.

Americans, make up your mind if Joe Biden speaks for you - because you are going to be judged on his words.

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