Sunday, February 12, 2017

If the Lords castrate the United Kingdom's Brexit negations then there will be dire repercussions

The moronic Lib Dems who can't see the utter disaster they are demanding - that the EU be incentivised to punish the UK and do as much harm to the British people as possible as a way to bully them into recanting on Brexit - which is the inevitable result of having a late deal vs No-Brexit  vote on Brexit in two years time.

Why would the EU negotiate in good faith when they can guarantee a win with bad faith ?

Why  do the Lib Dems hate their own country and the people so much ? Why do they insist on setting up negotiations by undermining their own country ?

I guess we will see what the Lords come up with - but be under no illusion there will be a reckoning for all this if we are betrayed.

PS For those who still want to be an insignificant part of the EU superstate the best policy would have been to have given things 10 - 15 years, then to have made their case ( A case they refused to make in the referendum itself - probably out of fear that they would lose if they tried anything other than fear and intimidation as an argument ).

This way just lies division and turmoil, without end. Are any of them deluded enough to think their could ever be peace if the betrayal they are trying to pull of succeeds ?

 Update: Tim Stanley on a similar line in today's Telegraph.

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Anonymous said...

We'll know exactly where we stand on the 7th March as Mrs May is determined to declare our freedom at the Ec meeting on the 9th.
Wish us all Good Luck
Suggested wording for the headstone:
L’etats Unis

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