Saturday, May 16, 2015

Irretrievable defeat for a generation is starring us in the face

This has been one of my last blogged about general elections since I started blogging.

The reason is I've been much more closely involved in this one, to the extent that a lot of what has gone on via the media has passed me by. I've been involved in what seems to know be called the ground war.

I can confirm from conversations with voters that the Conservative use of the SNP was very effective, though the cost looks like being the Union. Of I hadn't left the Conservatives a few years ago I would have then. ( If you are still in the Conservative party I suggest you need to reflect on why it places the careers of a few trustafarians ahead of the nation. )

UKIP up 9.8% of the vote, the Conservatives only 0.8% , the policy of targeting 3 way marginals misfired die to the incredible media bias and the sacrifice the nation for victory Conservative strategy.

All well and good, but now we have recent events in UKIP. Many of us watching don't know what is fully going on. We can't trust the MSM who are in ecstasy over events are are rubbing as much salt into the wounds as it can.

Both apparent sides have issues, but they have also backed each other into a corner where one side will lose. And that lose can potentially be enough to cut UKIP's hamstrings .

On the verge of the referendum, which is a once in a political lifetime event. Cameron has gambled with two referendums and will fancy his chances now - regardless of what placebo concessions he tries to claim make a significant change.

This Mexican standoff need to end with one or both sides putting the cause of freedom ahead of whatever personal consequences they fear in backing down.

The alternative is the end of any hope of a sovereign United Kingdom.


Mark Wadsworth said...

" last blogged about..."


James Higham said...

Now they're saying in the MSM about Nigel needing a break. As they can't get rid of him, this is the fallback tactic.

WildrosesRule said...

I think he deserves a little break. The work ethic's all well and good but you know what they say - "all work and no play....".

BTW you really ought to get a proof reader. I would enjoy your marvellous observations far more if I didn't feel the need to constantly correct your grammar and spelling. I do think it's important to maintain standards when you are in the public eye. I know the Daily Mail has let its standards drop, but that's no excuse for the rest of us.