Monday, December 01, 2014

Goodbye Mr Brown - don't come back

This blog was started as an experiment based on an article in a computing magazine about blogging. I couldn't figure out why it was so popular, but thought perhaps if I had a go I'd get the idea.

I tried a few posts, but not a twitch of satisfaction.

Not until I started to write about politics and specifically how angry and annoyed Gordon Brown made me ( and just about every other sane Englishman who wasn't a directly tax payer funded parasite of the Labour party ).

So I suppose I should thank you Mr Brown.

But let me be clear - don't come back. Enjoy your retirement on the pension I can no longer afford since your stealth taxes destroyed one of the best funded pension systems in Western Europe.

You will no doubt enjoy your lavish life in an area out outstanding English subsidy, purchased with debt raised on my children due to your utter incompetence with banking regulation.

The disaster now overtaking the United Kingdom of Scottish separatism was of your making and doing. You are responsible for it - I hope your retirement lasts long enough for you to see the road crash you created finally play out - so you can get all the blame you deserve.

You have been a selfish, incompetent prime minister who put self before party, and party before country. You are an utter disgrace and a stain on our nations history and a warning of the abject failure of socialism and all its dark works.

Never come back, don't write another book, retire in peace. Never bother us again .


Rich Tee said...

His party Labour is supposed to be the party that intervenes to curb the excesses of the free market.

Yet he did not intervene to cool down the housing market when he had a chance to do so.

I agree. Good f*****g riddance.

carol42 said...

I can't stand him but we should be glad he stopped Tony Blair, at a time when most seemed to think he walked on water, from taking us into the euro. Whatever his motivations at the time thanks for that if nothing else.

James Higham said...

Thing is - no one's now going to put him in prison where he should be.