Monday, March 24, 2014

The BBC's desperate to to defend the TV poll tax and keep sending poor people to prison

This afternoon on the radio I heard the line, where a BBC jouralist interviews another, trying to dig up the idea that Andrew Bridgen MPs plan to stop sending poor people to prison is politically motivated.

This BBC interview here shows the same BBC line being tried.

My guess is the BBC have been blind-sided by Labour's apparent decision to support saving poor indebted people who can't afford the TV Poll tax to prison.

But of course with #RedEd you never know what he's really up to.... the BBC has got a few years of lobbying and threatening to save its left wing bacon.

PS Kudos to Andrew Bridgen - my guess is the left wing uber parasites will still get of the hook. But there's now hope they wont.


Anonymous said...

Meeting the requirements to avoid paying for the BBC Licence means that politicians' announcements, and the Beeb's & CH4 propagandised 'news' do not make it into my living-room and life.

Regarding propaganda, there is recent evidence of Beeb Scotland dictat to censor people who questioned the Beeb's CAGW narrative and policies.
"BBC boss gags 'sceptics' from climate change debates"
near the bottom of this article:

I look for news on the web, where people can question, instead of just having to listen acceptingly to repeated BBC ideological rubbish.

Of course, that does also mean I am not influenced at all by a whole bunch of expensive advertisements.
What a shame!

Anonymous said...

My area was the first to go completely digital. Where I live our terrestrial TV comes from a repeater transmitter, because of our small population, broadcasters other than the BBC do not bother to broadcast the full range of programmes. So despite having to pay the full licence we do not get complete number of channels. I have tried to argue that as we are being shortchanged we should not pay the full licence, but no, the fee is to operate a TV.