Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The UKIP mood music is up - but I doubt they plan to deliver

The Conservatives are really pulling out all the stops to sound like they are addressing UKIP voters concerns.

In true Blairite New Labour fashion they have a snow storm of annoucements and mood music. David Cameron was even vsiiting beds in sheds to do his Tony Blair emoting with the issue.

But here's the thing - they don't mean it. Already the announcements about EU migrants have been shown to have been implemented already, or just to be unworkable. Home Office kites are blasted out of the sky by European uber citizen Nick Clegg ( and he's right to they are illegal if you stay in the EU ).

What's going on is a whole courus of crying wolf is coming from the careerist ranks of the Conservtaive party.

The thing is gradually over the years their credit is running dry with the electorate and even former party members like myself.

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