Monday, December 09, 2013

The cost to England

Today the intimidation that's implicit in the SNP's approach to those who dare to point out the blindingly obvious has been reported by the BBC's Robert Peston - that costs in an independent Scotland will go up. ( Not least because Scotland will be condemned to a statist left wing government for at least a decade. )

But there's another cost. Apparently English shoppers have been subsidising Scottish supermarket customers even now. It costs more to deliver and stock food in Scotland and there are punitive taxes concerning alcohol and tobacco - the proceeds of which are used by the Scottish Executive - but which are yet again partially subsidised by the English customers of these supermarkets.

After the referendum if Scotland doesn't take the Mel Gibson little Scotland option, then its time to ask why England is getting being sold a Turkey ( or at least over expensive Chickens - which should at least have English, Welsh or Irish logos on Sainsbury's ! ).

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