Monday, November 18, 2013

The darkness at the heart of the Labour party

Two bits of news this weekend paint a very disturbing picture of the Labour party and the allied movements that act as its fellow-travellers.

First of all the scandal over Falkirk is deepening, as it becomes obvious that Labour were complict in the subversion of one of its local branches as part of the entryism camapign that took place there. See Dan Hodges.

And there is the scarcely believable behaviour and character of the former chair man of the Coop bank ( Labour's bank to whom they owe a very large amount of money ).

The second case is perhaps the more serrious as its reasonable to expect many more in Labour's heirachy to know about the Coop banks former chairman, and have descided to keep quiet. Is there a secret elvel in the Labour party of people who share this sort of information and are bound together by it ?

"By their fruit you will recognise them"

PS Image if this had been UKIP - you'd have been having to tranquillise Guardian and BBC journalists just to calm them down enough to type.

Don't get me started on the evil of Unite's leverage campaign.

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James Higham said...

You call it darkness, MiaS, I call it evil.