Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HS2 - the British establishment's Zil lanes

During your career running from your time at the right sort of university, that first internship with an MP, the think tank job and perhaps even the spad post you do your best to avoid the unwashed. This is especially true if your selfish and power crazed enough to be left wing.

But now you have to travel each week to the constituency you have to pretend to love, but secretly despise. The thought of saving an extra half hour every time, and what's better traveling by transport that the more annoying of the proles you represent can't and never will be able to afford to use. ( And of course there's the added bonus that prole class rail transport or jammed motorways are made worse by the money diverted to serve your most special needs. )

Is this fair ?

How about the politicians agreeing not to use HS2, and for that matter civil servants ? After all its justified on all those business hours saved right.

Is it fair ? Its far closer to the truth than it ever should be.

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Sniper said...


The Euro Nomenklatura's Zil lanes methinks.