Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The evil of RedEd cycncism is breath taking

Freeze energy prices for 20 months. Its quite clear the stories about "never had a real job in his privileged socialist prince life" Miliband were on the mark.

Already the price of energy in the UK will be rising as energy companies start the hedge against a Labour victory. Damaging the people Ed Miliband cynically claims to want to help - but in truth they are useful victims of his desperate climb to power.

Already the deep damage of utter morons like Ed Miliband and his time doing damage as Secretary for State for Energy and the magic warmist cult - is making the recover slower and more risky. UK industry is hampered by high energy costs and people are hurt by high energy costs. Labour created this situation when they embraced the cynical green agenda.

There is only one word that cover Ed Miliband deep cynicism and willingness to inflict suffering on people to promote his own very deeply selfish career ambitions and that's evil.

PS Where Labour's commitment to remove VAT from fuel ?

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James Higham said...

What a choice we currently have.