Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cameton's crocodile tears over redefining marriage

Now the political costs of betraying the conservative and Christian people of England are all too apparent Cameron is 'letting it be known' that he wouldn't have done it if he had known the political cost.

Of course he should have known what utter tripe his conference speech a few years ago was. It was the last one I listened to as a conservative party member. I cancelled my direct debit as soon as I heard it.

The evil cultural Marxist attack on families implicit in redefining marriage should have been obvious to any conservative or Christian. Cameron claimed to be both, but its quite clear he is neither.

We will now live with the consequences.

Part of those are that many of us have left his party and will not be coming back.

We are tired of the real coalition, the one between what was once proudly known as Her Majesty's Government and the European Union. This allow the liberal elite to rule and dictate regardless of the results of elections.

This is why, whatever your politics, if your in favour of democracy and the rule of law you have to be in favour of leaving the EU.

Dave does want any of that.

So the crocodile tears reported from David Cameron won't work with me. Neither will the married person's tax allowance.

If the Conservative party wants to win power it will need to;

1) Ditch David Cameron
2) Strongly advocate withdrawal from the EU and legislate for a referendum.

Everything else is just a waste of breath.

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