Monday, May 20, 2013

The culture wars take hold

I've been having a twitter debate with a few on the plan to redefine marriage. One of the people I was exchanging tweet a with is someone I'd normally agree with on most things, but not on Cameron's plans tho redefine everyone's marriage.

The shear power of the lobby to redefine marriage and take the jobs, livelihoods and no doubt in time children of those who disagree is on display and is very chilling. It has also deepened the rift on the right that will surely take over a decade tho heal.

The plan to extend civil partnerships could kick this issue into the long grass, but the issue won't go away. Organisations have come into existence that will not now go away. The cultural wars have started in earnest in England. This issue could dominate in 2015.

I warned on this in comments on Conservative home a long time ago. I pointed out the insanity of the right kicking off such a civil war.

It looks too late now.


Barnacle Bill said...

Cameroon has certainly opened a Pandora's Box, more so because it has come from the "conservative" devide of British politics.
Coming from nuLabor it could just be dismissed as the Loony Left.
But for a Tory PM to go so against the beliefs and values of his very own party has given it a traction it should never have achieved.

James Higham said...

With you on this one.