Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cameron's utter and total contempt for democarcy is clearly shown in redefining marriage

So like a thief in the night the bill to redefine marriage slouches towards Westminster again waiting to destroy marriage and impose the fascist view of family life that Clegg and Cameron support. The Frankfurt school of humanity hating socialists can only celebrate their luck.

The full horror of a free country turned into a fearful place where none dare speak for the concern that the state enforcement authorities will take their business, money, job and even children will soon be a reality in England.

And all this under what sort of government ? One that calls itself conservative ....

Given the fact that Cameron knows this is pure poison to the Conservative party he's decided to steam roll the bill through, crushing dissent and doing his best not to even mention what is going on ( Where was it in the Queen's speech ? ). It is the true measure of the man the dark and cowardly way he is redefining the marriages of everyone in this land in violation of all of our history and morality.

It is also why the Conservative party is never going to hear the end of this issue, regardless of how much they may wish they could.

The culture wars have begun with a shot in the back to the conservative movement ...

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