Monday, April 15, 2013

The problem is that "climate change" prevents the teaching of science

The warmist agitators are worried that the unproven hypothesis of significant man made climate change will get removed from the English curriculum.

The problem is that pushing a half baked hypothesis and calling it science is doing the exact opposite of teaching pupils how science works.

The correct approach would be to teach about energy, the conversion between types of energy.

But the propaganda activists from the warmist movement aren't happy with kids learning good science - they must be told what to believe and think.

Its not as if the fact that this is almost entirely propaganda is a secret or that they intend to ignored proper (scientific) debate and just try to brow beat young people into their viewpoint.

As we are all very aware some of the greatest scientific scandals of our times have been associated with the green industry of climate alarmism. Will school kids be taught about the hockey stick error ? Or will they learn about how the scientific process was actually run from the leaked CRU emails ? Will they be told that little that is actually been done makes any difference anyway - even in terms of the warmists own argument ?

What we are having here is state mandated belief - spoon feed to children by being ground up a snaked into their education diet.

This is the sort of thing that used to go behind the iron curtain, and indeed in Nazi Germany.

And we are told the Department of Education is just fine with it ....

PS The policy of putting propaganda forward as science was really started under New Labour, in an attempt to deal with the anti-science basis of alarmism arguments against nuclear power and genetic crops. Interesting that its now being used to protect alarmism and hide proper debate ( therebye weakening trust in science itself ).

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