Monday, April 08, 2013

Margaret Thatcher - saviour of the British people

Just back from holiday and I heard the long feared news of the death of Lady Thatcher -perhaps the greatest prime minister this nation has ever known.

You needed to be alive in the 70's to know the hell that left wing politics and the oppressive Union movement was dragging Britain to - happily aided by the weak selfish Conservative party ( those soon after to be known as wets ).

Margaret Thatcher and those around her, many of whom put personal ambition behind backing her, stood up for what they knew was right - and knew would be unpopular. Indeed had it not been for the evil attack of the Argentine Fascists she would perhaps have lost the next general election as she did no put policies off that were needed.

In daring to confront the British people with the harsh realities of the post imperial age she saved them from the sad decline that socialism was dragging them to. It is this defeat of socialism  and then the defeat of Communism - with US President Ronald Regan.

Eastern Europe is free, The Soviet Union defeated, Britain made prosperous from being the sick man of Europe ( and it took 13 years of the last insane and deceitful Labour government to wreck that golden economic legacy ), Argentina freed, the Falklands liberated. All because of the grocer daughter from Grantham who didn't know her place, but had courage, intellect, and determination.

Many countries need her like again - and right now their are few candidates in our political system that could fill her shoes or swing her hand bag.

We are lucky to have known her.

Some of my earliest political memories are of listening to the radio to hear Margaret Thatcher slaughter the sad ineffectual socialist government and then opposition in parliament. She was a politician, timing some of her battles, such as that required to free Britain from the NUM, but she had conviction. You always knew she turned to that conviction, rather than the latest focus group (ok yet to be invented in those days) report or her training in PPE at Oxford ( where she read Chemistry - not politics - perhaps there's a hint for future political leadership selection there ).

She surely inspired much of the right in current UK politics ( except those born to their political careers perhaps ).

She served, she dared, and generally her courage lead to long needed victory.

Britain, NATO, the West and freedom stood on the brink of defeat in 1979. Margaret pulled us back from the brink.

PS The left will be desperate to re-write history over the next few days. Given their hold over the BBC they will perhaps have some success, but we who remember will never forget our debt to her. ( PS From what I've heard so far the left will try to use the term "devisive" before spitting out their lines on the woman who defeated socialism. )


Elby the Beserk said...

Polite correction

"post empirical"

"post Imperial"


Man in a Shed said...

Noted and corrected.

James Higham said...

No argument from this end. The left's reaction was nauseating.