Thursday, March 14, 2013

The end of Google Reader

Just seen the sad news that Google Reader is go become toast as of 1st July.

Any suggestions for alternatives ?

It has been a key service for me on my mobile & tablet.

What's been most useful is its allowed me go follow key blog feeds.
Whilst links and trends on Twitter have their attraction they are lacking in the ability to direct your reading.

I've used an app called gReader that's just been getting better all the time. I'll miss it.

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Rich Tee said...

Shocking news. It is so useful.

Google "Google Reader retired" and look in the comments for suggestions.

Feedly seems to be a good suggestion, but I notice you have to download something to use it. The advantage of Google Reader for me was that you could access it on any computer.

Twitter turned off their RSS feed last year, although I regard this as a blessing in disguise!

Anonymous said...

If you use Firefox, are an avid feed reader then the Sage RSS Feed Reader add-on can't be beaten in my opinion. In fact Sage is the reason I stay with FF. Not sure if it's available for FF for tablets yet. There was talk of a version being prepared for Chrome also. Opera version? Don't know.

Rich Tee said...

Thought you might be interested that I have decided to try out NetVibes:

The reason I went with that one is that I use iGoogle as well which is also being stopped later this year. I can have the weather, news, a calendar etc. alongside the feeds.

I have imported my Reader feeds and everything is going well so far...