Friday, March 15, 2013

So you can die for Scotland - just not vote ...

The SNP's schizophrenic idea of who should be allowed to vote in Alex Salmond great divorce is shown up well by the issue of future Independent Scottish armed forces.

Like over a million Scots who the SNP thinks might vote the wrong way, service men and women will be denied the vote on their home nations future if they are not based in Scotland.

And yet those very same SNP minister who have insulted and disenfranchised them ( and given the vote to teenagers - who they think they can con with less effort ) want those brave men and women to volunteer for the booring army they say they want after destroying the Union.

Of course its just as bad for those Scots who happen to be living elsewhere in the UK whose future identity is being decided by those hardly old enough to shave back north of Berwick-upon-Tweed. Maybe they could be twinned with Poles and other EU economic migrants who will get to vote on their nation.

The stinking pile of SNP hypocrisy should disgust every democrat in these isles.


Anonymous said...

Choob! You don't even like us so why do you and your like even give a shit? Oh aye I remember,you want us to stay in the union so that you can steal even more of our resources and use even more of our young men and women as cannon fodder in your illegal wars! SAOR ALBA!

Man in a Shed said...

The truth is the SNP are insulting their countrymen and women and trying the gerrymander their referendum.

They aren't democrats - just nasty extremists fuelled by the same stuff you have in your tank.

I have no problem with Scottish independence, though I think it would be a shame - just the frankly very unpleasant SNP.

I'm married into a Scottish family, have gone to school and worked in Scotland so I'm not going to be impressed by low grade ignorance or the dirty tricks of the SNP.

Time to ask yourself why the SNP are fixing who is allowed to vote ? Is Scotland a nation or not- if so then all those who would be citizens of that nation need to vote - if not then the whole exercise is just pointless.

Anonymous said...

I think the SNP is missing a trick. I am Scots and have lived in England for many years and would vote for Scottish independence and Irish and Welsh too if it came to it. Mainly because of the unfair devolution settlement. I think we would all be better off and everyone could stop complaining.

Man in a Shed said...

Oddly Anon 11:44 that would be my argument in favour of separation also.

But its also a council of despair.

The United Kingdom is worth the effort - but equality needs to be asserted if we are to have devolved governments.

That's why I'm for an English parliament and a federal United Kingdom.