Saturday, February 16, 2013

The BBC needs to go

James Purnell is to be funded at £275k/yr from the effective tax that is raised as a poll tax on UK households.

This shows you a number of the most disgusting about the BBC:

1) Happy to employ a left wing politician to a very high paid job.
2) Its funded at an amazingly high level by a compulsory levy on every TV holding household ( that's near enough everywhere ).
3) It burns that money with the utter a total contempt that you get with left wing socialist organisations as they destroy other peoples money. ( See its Salford and Broadcasting house fiasco's for details - plus the number of BBC staff at any major left wing world event ).

Now we have rival entertainment systems such as LoveFilm and Netflix - who even have started commissioning their own programs. We spend most of the little TV time we have watching Netflix.

Frankly I'd like to drop the BBC and save my cash.

The BBC seems hell bent on polluting the minds of my children with its Fabian filth ( see BBC3 is you can stomach it, and even CBBC which runs a life style left wing indoctrination message through most of its output ).

Time to cut of the money supply to Mr Purnell very generous benefactors.

Its time to End the Telly Tax !


Jim said...

If you spend all your time watching 'on demand' services via broadband, then you don't need a licence. I got rid of mine several years ago because I had just started watching more and more streams via my PC and got fed up with parting with £140 to the BBC for precisely the reasons you detail.

Rich Tee said...

I stopped paying about 18 months ago. When things like this happen I am happy that it is the right decision. I get very little bother from TV Licensing and it is easy to deal with (don't answer any letters, don't open the door, don't say anything to an inspector if you meet one).

Note that this position was created for him whilst he was still a member of the Labour Party, and it is "Director of Strategy". I used to laugh at people who suggested that there is a long term plan to turn Britain into a socialist state...

James Higham said...

Either that or require it to employ some normal people.