Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Just back from Free Europe

I've just spent a day working in free Europe.

That's right Norway.

The people I was working with wanted to know if David Cameron would succeed in getting the UK out of Europe ?

I had to explain to them that:

1) Cameron wants to keep us in Europe.
2) Very powerful members of the elite that runs the UK now would not accept withdrawal and that the media would be manipulated in such a way as too make people to fearful of voting for freedom.
3) Cameron was unlikely to be PM at the end of 2015 anyway.
4) The Lib dems will saying and do anything to stop a democratic choice on the EU.
5) Labour won't do anything.


Sadly I'm back in a UK run by that man who has such utter contempt for his own country that he can't even be bother to attend the debate on destroying marriage for his and George "HS2 gets diverted around my constituency" Osbornes's political convenience.

PS A big hello to the EUSSR's new troll watch thought police who are now monitoring these sort of outbursts.

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