Saturday, February 23, 2013

If UKIP beat the Conservatives in Eastleigh then ..

surely Cameron is finished ?

Not much of a swing required from this weekend's polls.

Conservatives - lend your vote to UKIP and get Cameron out !

( The poll above was reported in the Times - apparently as they are of course beyond the payl ).


The Daily Mail - that is running desperately hard to see UKIP off has a poll that coincidentally put the Conservatives in the lead. This is *very* convenient for the Conservative campaign as it will put those who would vote UKIP to get Cameron removed under pressure. A little bit too convenient in my view.

Here's the thing - if you live in Eastleigh - you're not voting for a government.

Almost any of the major candidates would function as a parliemnetary representative.

But you can vote to get Cameron out - and there only one way to do it - vote UKIP.

If you vote Labour - then your wasting your time.

If you vote Lib Dem - the Cameron survives.

If you vote Conservtaive - the the modernisers win and the man whio attacked marriage survives.

Only voting UKIP will get the job done.

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Barnacle Bill said...

I would urge any voter in Eastleigh to vote UKIP as a punishment for the betrayal the big three have done to them.