Sunday, December 09, 2012

Gillian Tett on Newsnight on Tuesday

Take a look here ( Link may only be current for 24 hours )- its a conversation that needs to happen more widely on how we organise our politics ( takes a few minutes to get to that point ).

The debt really is they key defining point of our politics these days - and yet all we get is misdirection from the likes of Clegg on the subject ...

I'm starting to wonder if default isn't something that needs to be considered - as I've said before we should question why we stand behind our politicians borrowing ...


DerekP said...

Great link - thanks for that.
I always enjoy listening to Gillian Tett whenever she's on Newsnight - she is very well informed, intelligent and articulate, usually presenting a well thought out, clear perspective (often fresh with new ideas or controversial in thought); a bonus is that I find her charming and pleasant to look at as well - YMMV.

I had given up watching Newsnight (easy to find better uses of my time than listening to the PC-Pravda BBC) but if the Freeview programme info let me know whenever Tett was going to be on then I would be a regular viewer on that basis.

Very pertinent points regarding leadership with vision (as you linked), and the problem of governments looking 1 to 2 years ahead instead of 5 or 10.
Where I disagree with Tett is when she starts talking about the possible need for technocratic government - the example given is ideological (EU) government, not technocratic.
They just call themselves technocratic in order to appear convincing, but they are merely driving their own 'modeled' ideas, hence ideological.

I liked the analogy of the parent dividing two custard creams between three children.
Of course any adult should know that the way to deal with this is to split these into four halves, giving a half-portion for each child, with a single half-portion between any adults present.
As things currently stand our 'parental elite' (BBC for example) are in favour of themselves getting the goodies with the crumbs being left to fall as in 'trickle down' economics.

Currently a lot of people, I think rightly, feel that there are favoured groups (cultural Marxists PC crowd) who are not only being given the cakes but also most of the sustenance needed for growth - and they grow fat doing nothing useful while others see themselves slaving for a bleak starved future.

Sorry my comment is longer than your post, but that link is a great find. Thanks again.

For anyone interested in watching the full discussion of this group, on the slider bar it runs from 09.56 to 19.34.

Man in a Shed said...

Glad to be of service.

I have no problem with long comments that are on subject.