Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Are you going to level with us George ?

Its the Autumn budget statement coming up - though my son informs me Winter has already started. I think Mr Osborne knows this, but is he willing to admit it ?

The truth - the politicians don't think we can handle it. ( Or perhaps they think we won't vote for them if they tell it - probably right till very recently, but I think public opinion might just follow someone brave and bold at the moment. )

The annual deficit ( perhaps we should always insist on calling it that to stop Nick Clegg trying to fool people into thinking its the same thing as the national debt when he's patronising people to con them into voting Lib Dem ) is too high. The debt is frightening ( world war class according one senior Bank of England official ). And quite frankly we've started to notice.

Savings are being confiscated by the state's manipulation of interest rates and pensions. Fuel taxed, Green industrial suicide policies continue to keep deluded Lib Dems going through the keep Cameron in a job lobby in Parliament. Pay rises are now below inflation even in the public sector. Jobs are going or being cut back.

Its bad - its bad or worse in the Euro Death zone. The United States is in far worse Denial that the British Empire ever was about its place in the world.

Really its time for brave and bold medicine. What we are going to get instead is #RedEd and the man who should really be banned from holding high office due to the damage he's already done Ed Balls.

The public will soon be willing to back desperate measures. And its here where the talking of the edge of democracy comes in. Gillian Tett was mentioning it on Newsnight tonight - and she's no one's fool.

And as we star down into the darkness we should at least remember the people who have driven us here - Labour and the BBC. The parasitic state hangs round our necks like an Albatross.

I doubt George is really going to spell this out tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I take it that Labour and the BBC are also responsible for the problems in the "Euro Death Zone" and the US?

James Higham said...

Can't see how he can when he is in the middle of an enormous scam involving his boss and a demi-Canadian.

Man in a Shed said...

Anon - Labour are responsible for the private debt bubble, the banks and then the national debt. That means unlike Sweden, Canada and New Zealand we were isn very real trouble just at the time everyone else has been also.

If was worth listening to the omni shambles of Rachel Reeves interview on Radio 4's pm yesterday when she showed she couldn't deny Labour responsibility but resorted to the brain washed line from RedEd HQ instead. ( SHe hasn't been an MP long enough to just lie straight - you can see she still struggles with it - but her obscurificiation is so clumsy.

But you at least have Labour and the BBC being one and the same right. ;-)