Monday, November 26, 2012

Constitutional change needs to change

The temper tantrums of those who pushed to crush their opponents and throw them out of the Church of England hasn't died down. ( See this article for an indication of the real reason - not the one cited by the BBC and the rest of the left wing lynch mob - for defeat the legislation thank would have allowed the innovation of female bishops. )

Catalonia wants to leave Spain, the SNP wants to use a temporary brief majority in a referendum ( because historically that what it would be if they won ) to break up the UK.

Labour raped the UK consition and put through a deeply anti_Englsih devolution settlement.

All massive generation lasting changes.

Changes where a sizeable minority suffers changes in the terms of debate and concourse at a simple moment of a majority should worry us all.

And yet the childish reaction to the defeat in the Church of England's general synod suggests there is no concept of this problem in English public life.

The time has surely come to recognise that a simple majority on one day on one question should not rule the lives of generations to come and rule the lives of large minorties.

We need to think about how constitutional change is done - and make it harder to achieve.

( Mind you first up will be the abomination that is the European Union and its crushing of popular will - constitutional change not by the majority, not by the minority, but by the oligarchical elite. )

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