Thursday, October 18, 2012

Who will defend merit ? Not David Cameron or the Conservatives it seems

So the latest report suggesting just painting the windows over and telling people the train is moving ( old communist era joke - see here ) is out.

Lower entry grades for those from poor backgrounds ( why does income trump morality and being damaged by the likes of Harriet Harman supporting organisations that want under age sex at 14 legal and abortions to kill any children that might result ) says Lana Milburn - who has been asked to triangulate investigate for David Cameron the issue of Social mobility. There is no evidence or engagement made about the potential of pupils or the utter left wing teaching union ensured failure of their schools.

If nobody in the Conservative party is willing to make a stand on merit can you imagine what Labour will be like when they win power again ( which may be just a few years off ).

And then we had David Cameron's "march them to cash machines" moment. This is the announcement that energy companies will be allowed to charge only one tariff ( which will automatically be both their cheapest and most expensive tariff - guess which they will chose from their current prices ).

Insane central planning crushing the market - countered only by -empty that mouth of cornflakes first before you read this - Caroline Flint on newsnight for Labour !

What does all this show us ? That today's Conservative party won't stand up for Merit or Markets. They are far more interested in sucking on the teat of pubic money and ego stroking that comes from being in government.

They have lost their soul and Raison d'ĂȘtre.

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