Monday, October 08, 2012

The green suicide cult gets a petition

There's one of those made up petitions of those who feast of the rotting corpse of UK industry with their green parasite businesses and political fantasy beliefs.

They want us to reorder the national grid to make bird belnders easier to hook up and destropy peoples enviroments whilst making some people fab9ulously rich with subsidies stolen from poor tax payers.

Its a crime that's being committed here. Everyone knows it - but just like the days of Jimmy Saville - no one in power wants to admit what's going on.

One day there will be a reckoning for all this.

See today's Telegraph for the green insanity's latest incarnation.

PS There's nothing stopping the likes of M&S buying power from brd blenders and paying the full price and turning their stores of when the wind stops blowing. Until they do that I will assume they just hypocrites who are just trying to con rich gullible and lets face it vulnerable Guardian and Independent readers.

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