Saturday, October 27, 2012

Denying Scots the vote

There are two articles in the MSM today (Little Scotland demands vote in independence poll - Telegraph , Who gets to vote - BBC) both addressing the anti-democratic plan to redefine UK citizens nationality without their consent - because its "impractical". ( I bet the SNP would have no problem answering the same question when handing out passports when it suites them - the little antidemocratic bigots ).

I've made the argument on twitter and in this blog that those who would be allowed or forced to take Scottish nationality should all vote - but the SNP knows that would lose them their referendum they've tried so hard to gerrymander.

Corby - home of many Scots in England - wants a vote, as do many other individuals. But what we see is the establishment's causal willingness to remove the franchise and fix questions that they claim to be putting to the public.

This bodes badly for any EU referendum and a likely post 2014 UK constitutional settlement.

PS I think the term Little Scotland is unfair when used to describe Corby - as the only real little Scotland exists between the ears of Alex Salmond.

By the way I'll be in Scotland watching the self obsessed Scottish media this week - especially the Glasgow Herald

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farmland investment funds said...

I read that article on Corby, and agree with your comment on Salmond. Even the FT had a good piece saying he'd not had a good week and that Cameron had outmanouevred him.