Thursday, July 21, 2011

Silly Week 2011

Back by popular demand .. Silly Week for 2011 from the 1st till the 7th August !

The journalists and Euro bankers have of course been doing a great job of keeping us impoverished and otherwise entertained during the year so far - but they all shove of on holiday over the Summer (Tuscany apparently - with Saint Polly and her second home) so its up to us amateurs to fill the vacuum.

Q So what's the point ?
A Whatever you want it to be ! ( I've learnt that wish projection trick from the Obamamessiah and Blair ).

Use the tag #SillyWeek in Twitter or blogging and I'll find your posts ( or email me at to tell me ) and I'll list your efforts.

But there are a few rules if you want your contribution to be recognised and to be linked to:

  1. Please nothing that would lead to me being hunted down by the (CIA, FSB, MI6, the Taliban, or Newsround ) - this means you Julian Assange.
  2. And definitely nothing that leads to extradition and being locked up in one of the prison the Yanks have that feature in their many films ( cruel and unusual eh ).
  3. Funny's good.
  4. Don't be too cruel.
  5. This rule allows me to make up any other rules when I feel like it but to pretend I always told you ( under the Third Wish Act shortly to be passed in the US Congress ).
Good luck everyone ! ( See last years line up - )


James Higham said...

Advertised at Orphans and at my place. Bring it on.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, good. Being silly is the one thing I don't find difficult.

North Northwester said...

Okay, I'm in: traffic whore that I am.
PS, which plain text tags do you actually want, MIAS?

Man in a Shed said...

#SillyWeek will do they job - I hope.

Angry Exile said...

I think I might partake this year if I can think of something that is as ridiculous as half the real life stuff I blog.