Friday, April 08, 2011

Nick Clegg, David Cameron & David Willets should shut up

At least on social mobility.

Why ?

In short because they have no relevant life experience and are too conflicted by the temptations of political triangulation.
The longer answer is given by Allison Pearson in a spirited article in yesterday's Telegraph. ( If you missed it have a look ). I was thinking of a post on the same lines, but this one hits all the right notes.

At the same time we have attempts to tell the Conservative faithful that Grammar schools aren't the answer ( see this over on the Spectator's coffee house ). Even my leftwing family friends understand Grammar schools are great - as they have their kids in one ! We know the real reason the govt won't allow selection in schools is because of political triangulation, and the need to try to keep the BBC onside.

This reaching for what we engineers call tail pipe solutions of just fixing the results is what the socialists do and why so many of us despise them.

Frankly I'm not feeling very warm towards Messrs Clegg, Cameron & Willetts on this.

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James Higham said...

To think these people are "in charge" of us, or so they'd like to believe.