Thursday, December 02, 2010

(Wiki)Leaking to whom exactly ?

Right so some kid with a recordable CD with the words Lady Gaga written on it is brining the US to its knees. Hence all the blood thirsty calls for his execution and tracking down the enemy of the establishment who runs WikiLeaks.

But hold on one minute.

If this kid can do this I think we have to assume Russian intelligence, the Chinese and even the French have this information to hand. As lets face it it wasn't very secure was it.

So all the US's enemies know all this anyway - the only people who didn't know are the people in the US and other countries.

And this is the unforgivable crime - letting us know what everyone else already does.

I think this may be the biggest revelation of all.


James Higham said...

Oh how they squealed too.

Steve Butabi said...

I suppose your right, if one guy can cause this much panic, what do other government intelligence agencies have?

The Shaved Ape said...

I really don't know what to make of the WikiLeaks thing, sitting in my house in Laguna Beach, Calif.

Even right wing radio personalities are divided: the perpetrator is either a freedom fighter or he's a traitor. The feeling over here is split 50/50.

The strange thing, for me, is this: IT people are telling me that it would be extremely difficult to steal that many docs through cracking, for two reasons.

One, the docs were not stored on unsecured university servers, they were on a (or several) secure, US gov't computers, which should make it a difficult feat.

Two, my IT friend says that to get the large amount of documents, it would take many, many hours of straight downloading. Any such long, sustained file transfer from any file server would automatically trigger alarms to the IT people, who would have immediately yanked the network cables out of the machine(s).

There's a growing sense over here that the US gov't deliberately leaked the information, but they couldn't do it via press conference. It had to be seen as theft due to the sensitive nature of the info.

Just food for thought...