Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The real victims of the hijacked student demo are the Chinese

Watching the BBC's all to predictable reporting of the left wing thuggery in London today when agitators hijacked naive students into the disgrace we saw today it occurred to me who the real victims of their selfish and self righteous indulgence were. The Chinese people.

The BBC does its best to make trouble for David Cameron on his visit to China ( where he is fighting for the economic future of us all by the way ). They complain that this or that dissident wasn't mentioned and no denouncement of China was made by David Cameron.

But remember the Chinese looked to London today and saw the party headquarters of the governing party being threatened by a rabble of anarchists and naive students. What do you think they concluded ? Of course they will have thought the UK is far too lax and that the result of democracy and freedom of protest are the self destructive behaviour seen today.

So not only were left wing students campaigning to get poor non graduates to pay part of their fees through taxation, but they put back the cause of democracy and freedom in the East also.

They should all hang their heads in shame - if only they had the sense to feel shame.


Peaceful Student that was there said...

The Chinese people are looking at the benefits of democracy. I think they may feel frustrated at not having the same chances. You obviously weren't there and sapped up the non-democratic media. Peace

Man in a Shed said...

@Peaceful Student - thanks for your comment.

I don't need to have been the to make it. My point is imagine what is going through the minds of those in Chinese leadership and those destined for it as they briefly pay attention to the UK.

Mr Cameron tries to make the point that prosperous civilised nations are democratic - but BBC News 24 shows the party HQ of the ruling party being sacked by anarchists and gullible students who have allowed themselves to be marshalled sheep like into the fray.

China's great fear is this sort of social disorder and disunity. In a nation their size and with their history they have very good reasons for that concern.

What the selfish actions of spoilt and I have to say very inarticulate adolescent students has done is confirm in their minds that no such freedoms should be allowed in China.

The protest not only destroyed the Labour controlled NUS message, it also set back the freedom of the Chinese people by years. And the really frightening thing is you are all to selfish and self-involved to even see it !

Disgusted PhD said...

Peaceful Student who obviously was NOT there - what part of cowardly, vicious, and above all STUPID were you missing then.

I saw thugs in balaclava smashing up property; I saw manipulated, out of control juveniles provoking police and screaming 'victim' when the inevitable retaliation happened.

I saw bemused middle aged people shaking their heads and asking if this is what their taxes paid for?

I saw the best reason ever for the closure of most our so called universities and the destruction of the disgraceful NUS.

And worst of all - I saw what our so-called education system produced - illiterate, unthinking, unprincipled thugs.

Thank you for reminding me of something I will never forget - now get back and start working for the money I am unwillingly providing for you.

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Anonymous said...

Peaceful Student: a quote
"Officers have sown hatred in children

I would like to thank the police from the bottom of my heart: they have managed to radicalise my otherwise law-abiding 19-year-old daughter after denying her her constitutional freedom to demonstrate peacefully by forcing her to spend 10 long hours without food and water and with nowhere to relieve herself in a bitter November cold.

With her, 5,000 young students including kids aged 13 to 16, hungry, thirsty and cold, were caged in by the "forces of order" which moved from incompetence one day to an absolute exaggeration the other. Having followed the demonstration, I suddenly found myself forbidden to leave the corral and saw girls wetting themselves and boys using buildings as the public toilet they desperately needed. I saw a lot of anxiety and bitter anger, and kids crying on their mobile phones to their parents.

The even more scary side of it all is the attitude by part of the media next day, which seemed to indicate that such an illegal and perhaps even criminal action does not deserve any criticism. The police have forgotten that their job is not only to arrest troublemakers but guarantee the immense peaceful majority their right to demonstrate with freedom.

In 10 hateful hours, Her Majesty's police did for thousands of very young kids what no radical left-wing organisation has ever been able to achieve.

The demonstration had barely started when those thousands of young students were kettled by a colossal number of police vans and policemen, leaving them with nowhere to go.

Long live the democratic hypocrisy which gives the public the right to demonstrate, only to deny it as soon as they take to the streets, before any signs of violence.

The initial violence in Whitehall came from the very action of the police. My deep thanks to the forces of law and order for injecting so much resentment in thousands of young minds. Bravo!

Claudio Solano

London N8"

Man in a Shed said...


You were slightly of topic here. But I guess the experience you describe is the same for most football matches, or the country side alliance march ( no come to think about it the police were a lot less restrained on the country side alliance ).

If they were my children I would have argued against their going given the mindless violence and criminal destruction on the last so called protest in faviouyr of poor people paying more tax for middle class students. But thats just me.

Maybe you need to question the education your kids have received if they are taken in by the student fees issue. What, as I've said elsewhere, they really need to get mad about is the spectacular amount of debt Labour have sold them into slavery for. Now that is worth getting angry about - the fees issue is small beer in comparison !

Anonymous said...

Man in a Shed said...

One obvious problem with that chart is it avoids off balance sheet debts ( which are enormous, and didn't exist in the earlier times ).

Given that national debt is in the 4 Trillion pound area, with the Gordon Brown deceit properly cashed in. Things are bad - getting worse.

Its also worth considering that the GDP on those graphs may well have included the British Empire - in which case its worthless.

Try reading Burning our money for a review on our finances.