Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why is the Govt building Labour's bribe carriers when they are already obsolete ?

Read the specs on this ...

It will be like the Prince of Wales without air cover all over again.

Somebody in the Govt and MOD really needs to get a grip. There is no reason why the unreasonable contracts to build Labour Celtic bribe carriers should be honoured.


Quiet_Man said...

Proble is the previous Labour government made up the contracts in such a way that not building the carriers will cost more than building them. Now the new government could just repudiate the contracts, but I don't think that's a path they should go down, too many risks for the future.

All part of new Labours scorched earth policy.

JohnRS said...

The government should just tear up the carrier contracts and tell the suppliers that they knew they were entering into a contract that was not being negotiated in good faith. If they have a problem then feel free to sue - but don't expect any new UK defense business to come their way while there is a court action pending.

Once the wailing dies away and all the NuLieBore talking heads in the media stop foaming at the mouth and biting the furniture, the MoD can then sit down with the suppliers and rationally discuss if there's a sensible solution to this.

But this government have no balls so we'll just carry on (over)paying for crap we dont need.

Barnacle Bill said...

John R - exactly!
I had hoped we had elected men to sort out NuLabor's mess but in some cases it would appear we have mice instead.